Aircraft MS-21


In flight or in flight ?! Domestic airliner MS-21 is still not ready for delivery to customers

The project of the domestic passenger airliner MS-21 may lose the first and last customers.

According to the data available to the resource, domestic aircraft designers had some serious problems with testing the MS-21 domestic passenger aircraft. Given the fact that deliveries of this airliner planned for 2018 have not yet begun, and according to Russian media reports they can only begin in the middle of the decade, foreign operators may refuse contracts concluded with Russia because of their actual disruption.

According to some reports, to date, Russian aircraft designers have orders for the production of 180 MS-21 passenger airliners (for aircraft operators - approx. Ed.). Among the customers, both domestic carriers and foreign ones, however, given the fact that the aircraft still has not passed all the required tests, deliveries are unlikely to start in 2021, and from this period partners may begin to refuse to purchase these aircraft.

Currently, Russia has 16 different customers, of which 5 are foreign. We are talking about several billion dollars, in connection with which, it is possible that Russian aircraft manufacturers may suffer very serious losses.

It is known that the tests are ongoing, but there are no official data on their stage and results.