Secret NATO group spotted in the port of Odessa, tracking Russian ships

In Odessa, there is a secret group from NATO that monitors the actions of the ships of the Russian Navy.

Several sources at once report that in the port of Odessa, and, probably, in other regions of this Ukrainian city, representatives of a secret NATO group were noticed who monitor the actions of Russian warships in the waters of the Black Sea. This is especially dangerous after several NATO countries at once spoke in favor of providing Ukraine with anti-ship weapons, namely Harpoon missiles with a range of over 120 kilometers.

At the moment, it is known that the waters near Odessa are being carefully monitored by NATO units and European mercenaries. What kind of information is being collected is unknown, however, experts believe that we are talking about identifying the locations of Russian warships, as well as missile launches at APU facilities.

Information on this subject is confirmed not only by Ukrainian sources, but also by Russian media, incl. information and news agency "RIA Novosti"

“In one of the suburbs of Odessa, there is a secret base of the NATO monitoring group with equipment that allows you to determine the exact coordinates of any ship in the Black Sea within a radius of up to 200 kilometers. The main specialists are the employees of the Romanian PMC "Nordstarsupport Group""- said in the message.

At the same time, experts do not exclude that the establishment of the exact coordinates of Russian warships may be associated with intentions to provide Ukraine with the opportunity to attack them, incl. and with the use of Tochka-U tactical missiles, although the probability of their successful use against Russian ships is extremely small.

According to the information at the disposal of the Avia.pro agency, the NATO group is also located in Odessa itself. At the same time, it is reported that she has some special equipment.


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