The supply of South Korean weapons to Ukraine will include MLRS K239 Chunmoo

Deliveries of South Korean weapons to Ukraine will include the K239 Chunmoo MLRS.

Such weapons are almost a complete analogue of the American MLRS with guided missiles capable of hitting targets at distances up to 80 kilometers. As it turned out, after signing a contract with Poland, Seoul still had a lot of free K239 Chunmoo MLRS, which will be delivered to Ukraine in the near future.

MLRS K239 Chunmoo are close in their work to the American M270 MLRS and are capable of launching 60 guided missiles within 12 seconds. With the relatively low cost of the launchers themselves, the controlled 239-mm ones are very costly. ammunition, in connection with which, South Korea received an order for almost 3 billion dollars.

In Seoul, they prefer not to comment on the supply of weapons to Ukraine, noting that we are talking only about ammunition and two types of man-portable anti-aircraft missile systems, however, taking into account the concluded contract, we are definitely talking about high-precision offensive weapons.

It is known that Washington has already paid Seoul for the supply of weapons to Ukraine, however, the latter will be sent to the Armed Forces of Ukraine through the Czech Republic. Moreover, what is very remarkable, the first aircraft with weapons for Ukraine have already begun to arrive in Europe, as evidenced by the data of the Flightradar 24 service.


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