On the eve of the meeting between Putin and Biden, NATO is preparing a provocation in the Black Sea

It became known about the impending provocations in the Black Sea against the backdrop of a meeting between Biden and Putin.

Against the background of the upcoming meeting between Vladimir Putin and Joseph Biden, which will take place on June 16, it became known that NATO and the United States were preparing a provocation in the Black Sea. Obviously, this is due to the attempts of the Pentagon and the member countries of the Alliance to prevent an improvement in relations between the White House and Moscow.

According to the data published by Soha, in addition to the concentration of NATO ships in the Black Sea, and today it is known that at least three NATO ships have been sent to the region (presumably, we are talking about the fourth warship sent to the Black Sea - approx. ed.), provocations are expected near the Crimea.

“This move by the US follows a series of tensions between Russia, NATO and Ukraine in the Black and Baltic Seas. Earlier it was reported that French reconnaissance aircraft on rare occasions approached Russian defense facilities to collect intelligence. Among other things, the US 6th Fleet announced that an American destroyer was heading to the Black Sea to conduct security operations in the region. Ships of this class are armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles, Harpoon anti-ship missiles, and SM-3 anti-missile missiles. ", - reports the publication "Soha".

According to Western media reports, in response to NATO's actions, Russia could send its nuclear submarine to the coast of Great Britain - it has not been found at the moment.