NATO fighter Baltics


The Baltic will receive 12 NATO fighters

9 April. According to the official report of NATO, the airspace of the Baltic countries, starting next month, will be enhanced by 12 military fighters.

According to official statements, this military policy is made with a bias in the direction that the Baltic states do not have the necessary forces the Air Force to protect its territorial integrity, and because measures are taken solely for the warning character. In addition, it is worth noting that a possible reason for this was the creation of an air base of the Russian Federation on the territory of Belarus, and for natural reasons, the European Union simply plans to strengthen its borders in Eastern Europe.

Nevertheless, as stated by the President of the Republic of Belarus about a month ago, when the need arises, combat fighters in the number of 24 units, intended primarily for the protection of the Union State, and free of charge, can be deployed at Belarusian air bases