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Transnistria is sounding the alarm over a possible attack by Moldova

The Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR) appealed to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) accusing Moldova of preparing sabotage groups on its territory. According to the head of the PMR, Vadim Krasnoselsky, despite a number of appeals to the international community, there was no adequate response to these accusations from either Chisinau or the OSCE. Krasnoselsky also expressed concern about the militarization of Moldova and the conduct of military exercises there, pointing to the possible far-reaching consequences of any incidents against this background.

In the context of calls for changes in the nature of the peacekeeping mission and the status of neutrality, the situation in the region remains tense. Russian peacekeepers, who have been in Transnistria since 1992, play a key role in maintaining stability while also guarding ammunition depots. However, Chisinau advocates the withdrawal of these troops and their replacement with a civilian mission with an international mandate.

Prime Minister of Moldova Dorin Recean expressed his opinion on the need for the demilitarization of Transnistria and its economic and social integration into Moldova. Russia's response to these statements was restrained, calling for caution in such statements. Russia emphasizes the importance of Russian military personnel performing their functions in the PMR, pointing to their role in ensuring stability in the region.


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