In Pridnestrovie they recalled how the last conflict with Moldova ended

On Saturday, the head of the unrecognized Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR) Vadim Krasnoselsky made an address dedicated to the Day of the beginning of repelling the large-scale aggression of Moldova against the people of Transnistria, noting the importance of maintaining peace on the banks of the Dniester. The appeal was published by the press service of the head of the PMR. In his speech, Krasnoselsky recalled the tragic events of 1992, when Moldova’s aggression against the Transnistrian people began, which resulted in the death of 804 people, including civilians, women and children.

Krasnoselsky emphasized the impossibility of forgetting the cruelty with which the Moldovan armed forces treated people, considering them their citizens, and stated that there is no statute of limitations for crimes. In his address, he expressed confidence in the need to remember the defenders of Pridnestrovie who fell during that period, and emphasized Pridnestrovie’s desire for peaceful coexistence.

Krasnoselsky also noted the role of joint peacekeeping forces in maintaining peace in the Transnistrian conflict zone. These forces consist of 402 Russian troops, 492 Transnistrian, 355 Moldovan, as well as ten military observers from Ukraine, serving at 15 fixed posts and checkpoints in key areas of the security zone.


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