In the suburbs of Donetsk, a warehouse with tons of ammunition caught fire

At night, a warehouse caught fire in Makiivka, where tons of ammunition were stored.

According to local residents, after the fire started, numerous pops and explosions were heard, indicating that there were indeed various kinds of ammunition in the warehouse. There is no information about the victims by the current hour, however, according to unofficial data, the reason for everything was the use of Himars systems.

In the video footage presented, a serious fire started at the ammunition depots located in Makiivka, northeast of Donetsk. On the video frames, strong pops are heard, while the detonation of ammunition itself can be seen, although sources note that there was no mass detonation. This indicates that the cause of everything was probably a fire, and not a direct hit.

It is known that as a result of the fire that began in the ammunition depots, there are serious destructions. At the same time, so far there is no reliable information about the amount of ammunition in the warehouse, their type and posing a threat, although, taking into account the video footage and testimonies of local residents, we are talking about tons of various ammunition, including ammunition for BMP-2 guns, tank ammunition, as well as large-caliber ammunition for artillery.