In the industrial zone of Avdiivka, the defensive line of the Ukrainian Armed Forces was broken

In the area of ​​the Avdeevka industrial zone, the Russian military broke through the defensive line of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. This success was made possible thanks to careful preparation for the attack. By the time the assault began, the Russian troops knew the key points: the locations of minefields, the number of enemies in positions, the routes of approach of reserves and the escape routes of evacuation groups.

An important role in this success was played by air reconnaissance units, which over the past year and a half have significantly increased their professional and technical level.

The basis for achieving success was the interaction between various branches of the military, including assault infantry, mechanized groups and reconnaissance, especially airborne reconnaissance.

The command leadership carefully studied the history of previous actions in the special military operation (SVO) zone, taking into account important nuances. In addition, a high level of coordination between various units was ensured. This made it possible to effectively use available resources and achieve significant results on the battlefield.


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