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Strange messages recorded on the radio against the background of NATO's secret exercises in a nuclear war

Against the background of NATO exercises in a nuclear war, strange messages have been broadcast.

NATO's secret military exercises, which became known only at the beginning of their conduct, are called upon to work out the interaction of the Alliance member countries in a nuclear war. However, hams discovered a lot of strange messages broadcast on almost the entire planet.

We are talking about the “Skype” messages and EAM messages, which were broadcast in bulk tonight. At its core, “Skyning” messages are a massive callsign for all combat aircraft and missile forces, and if earlier such messages were recorded quite rarely, then only over the past 12 hours, their number has increased dramatically.

Judging by the data in open sources, "Skyking" messages transmit information about a certain time, while there are no official comments on this subject either from the United States, although messages are broadcast from the United States of America, or from NATO representatives on the territory Of Europe.

Experts, in turn, believe that the radio messages are related to NATO military exercises, and are designed to verify the development of actions in a real nuclear war.