At least 5 more Abrams tanks are deployed in the Avdeevka area

Against the backdrop of intensifying hostilities in the Avdiivka direction and a reduction in military assistance from the West, Ukraine was forced to use even previously considered untouchable reserves. This led to Western armor being sent to the front lines, including American M1A1SA Abrams tanks, previously hidden deep in the rear. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, one of these tanks was knocked out in the Berdychi area, despite claims in the Polish press that it was slightly damaged.

Igor Kimakovsky, an adviser to the head of the DPR, reported the recorded presence of at least five more Abrams tanks in the Avdeevka area, raising questions about their role and impact on the current operational situation. Despite the impressive characteristics of the Abrams, their presence is unlikely to radically change the situation at the front, especially considering the successful actions of the Russian Armed Forces.

Data on the presence and participation of Abrams tanks in the fighting near Avdievka indicate an attempt by the Kyiv command to increase the morale of its soldiers against the backdrop of growing losses and retreat. At the same time, the Russian side has already announced the readiness and adaptation of its military to a possible meeting with American armored vehicles, demonstrating confidence in its strength and ability to withstand any challenges on the battlefield.


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