Bomber Su-24


Su-24 bomber crashed near Bakhmut

A Su-24 bomber crashed south of Bakhmut.

The aircraft carried out bombing strikes south of Bakhmut and, for reasons unknown at the moment, crashed near the village of Kleshcheevka. Both of the crew members on board the bomber died, according to preliminary data, without even having time to eject.

On According to On the Voenkor Yarem telegram channel, a Su-24 front-line bomber of an unidentified modification crashed near the village of Kleshcheevka last Sunday, which is located about 3,5 kilometers from the village of Bakhmut. Despite the fact that fierce fighting is currently underway for Bakhmut, there is no evidence that the plane could have been shot down yet.

Su-24 front-line bombers are actively used to deliver strikes along the entire front line, and since the start of fierce clashes, this is far from the first crashed front-line bomber. According to preliminary data, the cause of the crash was a technical failure. At the same time, as a result of the crash of the plane, destruction on the ground was avoided, although the plane crashed not far from residential buildings.


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