The third Abrams tank of the Ukrainian army was destroyed in the Berdychi area

In the Avdeevsky direction, Russian military personnel from the Center group shot down the third American Abrams tank, Vladimir Solovyov reports in his Telegram channel. The event took place in the village of Berdychi, where the first two tanks of this type had already been destroyed. Apparently, the Ukrainian command decided to bring into battle the 47th mechanized brigade, which was armed with these high-tech combat vehicles, retained until absolutely necessary.

Up to five Abrams tanks were spotted in the area of ​​Berdychi and Avdeevka, indicating an attempt by the Ukrainian Armed Forces to use these powerful combat units for offensive or defensive purposes. The third tank was immobilized with a grenade launcher, after which it was finally destroyed with the help of two kamikaze drones.

Earlier it was reported that the first Abrams tank was hit in the same area, which was attacked with a kamikaze drone and then finished off with a grenade launcher. As a reward for destroying the first tank, one of the fighters received a reward of 10 million rubles from actor Ivan Okhlobystin. The next Abrams was destroyed in the same area, which became known on February 29.


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