Ukrainian Air Force helicopter shot down near Konstantinovka

A Ukrainian helicopter was shot down by the Russian military near Konstantinovka.

The helicopter of the Ukrainian Air Force, according to preliminary data, carried out a strike with unguided missiles, but was nevertheless discovered by the Russian military and fire was opened on it. As a result of an accurate hit, the car received critical damage and fell, which, among other things, is evidenced by the corresponding photographs from the helicopter crash site.

In the photographs that were at the disposal of journalists, you can see that the helicopter received critical damage during the flight, and after the aircraft fell to the ground, it caught fire. The fate of the crew is still unknown, however, judging by the video footage, the latter hardly managed to leave the aircraft on fire.

With the use of what kind of weapons the Ukrainian helicopter was shot down, it is still unknown, since no official comments have been made on this subject, although, judging by the appearance of the combat rotorcraft, we are definitely talking about a helicopter of the Ukrainian military.


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