An unknown rocket with a 20-meter fiery tail flew near Lviv

An unknown rocket with a huge fiery tail was noticed in the Lviv region.

Residents of the Lviv region noticed an unknown rocket in the Lviv region, which flew several tens of meters above the ground, leaving behind a huge 20-meter tail of fire. Judging by the clap, we can talk about a supersonic missile of an unknown type, however, who exactly launched it and what was the purpose of the latter remains unknown.

In the presented video frames, you can see how an unknown rocket flies about 20 meters from the surface of the earth and a huge column of flame stretches behind it.

After a few more moments, you can hear a pop. This, according to experts, is a consequence of the missile breaking the sound barrier, although the clap itself is not loud enough. It is not known what kind of missile we are talking about, however, judging by the flight above ground level, we can talk about an anti-radar cruise missile.

Due to the fact that the filmed video is very short, it has not yet been possible to find out any details on this matter, however, as experts note, quite a lot of questions are raised by a huge column of fire escaping from a rocket.