Landing ship spotted near Snake Island

Two warships have been spotted east of Zmeiny Island.

About a day ago, east of Zmeiny Island and south of the Chornomorneftegaz towers, two warships were spotted. According to a number of sources, we are talking about at least one landing craft, presumably, this is either a Akula-class landing craft or a Chamois, while the second surface object may be a fast landing craft.

On the presented satellite image, you can see the location of the discovered ships. Due to high cloud cover, it has not yet been possible to establish any details, however, both the Akula and Chamois class landing craft are intended for landing on an unequipped coastline.

At the same time, experts drew attention to the fact that at least one of the discovered ships, the approximate length of which, judging by the satellite image, is about 60 meters, was moving in a south-westerly direction. This indicates that the ships were not heading towards the Serpent, which caused even more questions about their ownership and the purpose of their appearance in this area of ​​the Black Sea.

It should be noted that at about the same time, two small missile ships were observed west of the Crimean peninsula moving towards the Ukrainian coast.