High activity of Russian combat helicopters was noticed in the Skadovsk area

Russian combat helicopters are highly active in the border area of ​​Crimea and the Kherson region.

A few hours ago, residents of Skadovsk and the surrounding settlements reported this, noting that combat rotary-wing aircraft carry out strange flights at low and extremely low altitudes. The reasons for the anomalous activity of Russian helicopters in this region remain unknown, although there is evidence that combat vehicles provided cover for a military convoy moving towards Kherson, although no confirmation of this has yet been presented.

At the same time, information about the anomalous flights of Russian military aviation in this region is also confirmed by a number of Telegram channels, publishing the corresponding video frames. On the latter, you can see that combat rotorcraft fly at extremely low altitude, which either indicates escort and cover for a military convoy, or indicates an attempt to hide the presence from radar equipment, since the S-300 air defense system is deployed on the territory of the Nikolaev region.

To date, the greatest threat to Skadovsk and the region is posed by missiles and long-range multiple launch rocket systems. In particular, several attempts to attack this region have recently been recorded.