Dozens of civilians were killed in indiscriminate US military fire in Kabul

American troops killed more civilians than the Taliban in the "assault" on Kabul.

This morning, American troops opened fire indiscriminately on Afghans attempting to infiltrate the Kabul International Airport, believing that the Taliban were trying to storm the perimeter of the air harbor. As a result of the shooting, at least 12 people were killed, and another 14 were injured of various kinds.

At the moment, it is known that because of the mistake of the American military, more civilians were killed than during the "storming" of the Afghan capital by the Taliban (Kabul was surrendered without resistance and the Taliban did not use weapons - ed.).

Information on this score is confirmed by the source "RIA Novosti".

"Several people were killed after the US military opened fire on Afghans at the Kabul airport"- said in the message.

The American side has not yet made any statements in this regard. Experts draw attention to the fact that the Taliban continue to closely monitor the situation, especially since the American side has already been warned that any escalation will be considered by the Taliban as a violation of the agreements on the safe evacuation of the United States from Kabul.

Americans continue to rampage in Afghanistan

They'll be dumped on us.



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