As a result of the Israeli attack on the port of Tartus, the ships of the Russian Navy were not injured

The Russian warships stationed at the Russian Navy base in Tartus were not damaged.

The attack by Israeli warplanes hit a group of warehouses located south of the port, while Syrian sources confirm the fact of a successful Israeli strike on Tartus facilities. As it turned out, the blow fell on a warehouse facility located at a distance of about 9 kilometers from the location of Russian warships.

At the moment, it is known that the Israeli attack was targeted, however, what exactly was destroyed in the warehouses in the port of Tartus has not yet been specified. However, the fact that Israel has shown aggression in the area where the Russian military base is located indicates that the leadership of the Israel Defense Forces is not fulfilling the agreements with Russia.

On the video footage presented, you can see the moment of the attack by the Israeli Air Force. At the same time, at the moment there is no authentic data on which direction Israel launched the attack from - according to a number of data, a pair of Israeli fighters were over the Mediterranean Sea, thereby diverting air defense systems, while two more combat aircraft attacked from airspace of neighboring Lebanon.

The Russian side has not yet commented on the night attack by the Israeli Air Force.


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