As a result of a major sabotage by unknown militants, more than 100 armored vehicles were destroyed in South Africa in an hour

In South Africa, unknown persons staged a sabotage, destroying more than 100 armored vehicles in an hour.

A group of unidentified persons staged a major sabotage in South Africa, destroying more than 100 units of various armored vehicles in just an hour. It is alleged that unknown persons set fire to an armored vehicle warehouse, as a result of which more than a hundred units of armored personnel carriers, armored vehicles and tanks were destroyed by a severe fire - the spread of the flame turned out to be so fast that only a few armored vehicles were saved.

In the video footage presented, you can see a fire that broke out at an African military base. Judging by the fact that the armored vehicles are completely engulfed in fire, they can no longer be restored. This was a very serious blow to the defense capability of this African state.

At the moment, none of the radical groups took responsibility for the sabotage, however, given the destabilization of the situation in this country in the middle of this year, local gangs could well be behind the attack.

The amount of damage caused has not yet been announced. Apparently, we can talk about more than a billion dollars.

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