Plane crash


As a result of the crash of the plane An-74 of the airline "UTair" 11 people were injured

The plane of UTair Aviation received very serious damage after rolling off the runway.

A few hours ago, under unknown circumstances, during the landing, an An-74 aircraft belonging to the UTair air carrier and temporarily used by the UN mission crashed, as a result of which 11 people were seriously injured. The damage to the An-74 aircraft turned out to be so severe that it, most likely, cannot be repaired.

In the photograph presented by the Telegram-community, you can see that the entire lower part of the plane is practically erased. At the moment, the circumstances of the incident have not been disclosed, however, judging by the damage received, the landing gear of the aircraft has failed, which has not yet been commented on.

All the people on board received the necessary assistance - some of them were hospitalized, however, nothing threatens the lives and health of the victims.

According to some reports, the plane carried a batch of humanitarian aid to the local population affected by the activities of terrorist groups.