The launch of a ballistic missile killed 6 people

The Iranians helped the militants launch a rocket and died.

Sky Arabia News reported the incident in Yemen. Several experts, who arrived there from Iran, helped the Hussite rebels launch a rocket. The launch was unsuccessful. Iranian experts died.

The exact death toll is not currently known, but according to the social networks, we are talking about six citizens of Yemen and Iran. The rocket exploded at launch. It was attempted to be carried out on the territory of a military base in the capital of Yemen, Sana'a, which is now controlled by Hussites.

The TV channel reports that during the last month, the militants more often than before, launched attacks on objects in Saudi Arabia. So, on June 14 they hit the Abha civil airport. In May, drones, filled with explosives, was attacked by the Saudi oil pipeline.

The Yemeni conflict has been going on since 2014. It is assumed that the Hussite rebels are supported by Iran and Hezbollah. They are opposed by the army of Yemen and a coalition of Arab countries led by Saudi Arabia.

Your own. This is called death from friendly fire.