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As a result of the collision of two private planes in the US, three people were killed

In the US, two private light-engine aircraft collided.

Saberliner Jet twin-engine aircraft literally rammed light-engine aircraft Cessna 172, Whereby we are talking about a minimum of three victims of this disaster, and, four other people were seriously injured and their life at the moment, doctors are struggling. Official statements by investigators working at the crash site is currently unavailable, but according to unofficial information, the disposable, the crash was caused by dangerous approaches from the pilot Cessna 172, which crossed the course of following Sabreliner Jet, as a consequence, because of the strike aircraft turned literally broken to pieces.

It is reported that immediately after the collision of aircraft, they caught fire, but in spite of this, some people managed to escape, having independently got out of the planes before the arrival of rescuers.

Specialists suggest that crossing the courses could also be caused by the loss of the pilot of the light-engine Cessna 172 aircraft.


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