As a result of a strike on the headquarters of the Ukrainian operational command "South", 12 high-ranking officers were liquidated

The blow was delivered in the morning using Shahed-136 strike UAVs.

At least 8 ambulances arrived at the scene immediately after the impact, however, according to Odessa residents, other vehicles subsequently arrived here, which transported the wounded and the dead.

At the moment, it is known that a group of at least 12 high-ranking Ukrainian officers was liquidated as a result of a strike on the headquarters of the Yug command. Information about the presence of foreign officers at the headquarters of the operational command has not yet received any confirmation, however, a few days ago, three US Army military helicopters and one US Air Force military transport aircraft were seen flying in the direction of Odessa, which does not exclude the possibility that NATO officers also were present here.

On the video footage, which was at the disposal of journalists, you can see the consequences of the strike of several Shahed-136 drones on the headquarters of the operational command, where the meeting was to be held. Attempts by the Ukrainian military to shoot down the drones were unsuccessful and the latter definitely struck.

Judging by the fact that we are talking about a meeting of the operational command, we are talking about officers of the highest rank.


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