A 15-meter funnel was formed as a result of the APU strike on Panteleymonovka

As a result of the UAF strike on Panteleymonovka by an unknown missile, a huge 15-meter crater was formed.

As a result of an unexpected attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Panteleymonovka (Donetsk region), a huge crater was formed at the site of the explosion of an unidentified rocket, with an estimated diameter of about 15 meters. What exactly was the purpose of the strike by the Ukrainian military is unknown, but the strike was so strong that the objects in its place were literally swept away.

In the photographs presented, you can see the consequences of a missile strike on Panteleymonovka. Apparently, in addition to the huge diameter of the impact crater, the latter also has a very impressive depth, estimated at about 3-3,5 meters.

Judging by the destruction, the Armed Forces of Ukraine had intentions to cover a fairly large area, however, it has not yet been reported which missile was used to strike, it could be either the Tochka-U tactical missile or the Himars M30 \ M31 MLRS missile, which is more, than likely.

At the moment, it is known that at least one person died as a result of the strike, but other details on this matter are not given, and therefore it is not yet possible to assess the success of the Ukrainian attack, but the destruction is very serious.


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