As a result of the earthquake in Turkey, the US nuclear weapons arsenal at the Incirlik airbase was not damaged

Incirlik Air Base with US nuclear weapons was shaken up, but the arsenal was not damaged.

Against the backdrop of a strong earthquake that occurred near the Turkish city of Gaziantep tonight, it became known that underground vibrations and tremors were recorded even 170 kilometers from the epicenter. The Incirlik Turkish military base is located here, on the territory of which one of the largest arsenals of US nuclear weapons is located. The tremors here could be felt even without special instruments for fixing underground vibrations, however, this did not lead to any destruction on the territory of the US strategic nuclear facility.

According to the data presented, low-power tremors were recorded on the territory of the US military facility, however, the storage facility, on the territory of which a very wide range of US nuclear weapons is located, did not receive any damage. This is due not only to the fact that the repository is located far enough from the epicenter of the earthquake, but also to the fact that the military facility is sufficiently well protected, including from the threat of earthquakes.

At the same time, the Turkish media reported that the cause of the earthquake could be an exploded nuclear bomb of small power, although no official confirmation of this has yet been made.

At the same time, experts do not exclude repeated tremors within the next 72 hours, which may well occur in other parts of Turkey.

At the moment, it is known that as a result of an earthquake of 7.8 points, several thousand houses were destroyed in Turkey and neighboring Syria. At the same time, at least 420 victims and approximately 4 thousand victims are known by the current hour, and this number continues to grow.


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