Guardian ship


A submersible patrol ship "Guard" has been developed in the Russian Federation

The central design bureau "Rubin" has developed a submersible (diving) ship - the press service of the bureau reported.

The first modification of the submersible patrol ship was named "Guard" and it is intended for foreign customers. The ship will be exported abroad under the designation BOSS (Border and Offshore Submersible Sentry).

According to representatives of the Rubin Central Design Bureau, the new development combines the capabilities of a surface ship and a submarine. This provides tangible advantages over traditional patrol ships. Firstly, the ship can conduct covert surveillance of intruders from under the water, and secondly, it is capable of being on duty even in bad weather conditions. In addition, it can be used as a classic submarine for offshore exploration and other purposes.

The developers noticed that when developing the device, they were guided by ready-made samples, put into mass production and well-proven, including with a commercial component.

The new submersible ship resembles the Soviet submarines of Project 613. The displacement is about 1 tons. Depending on the configuration, its length will be 60-70 meters, the crew - up to 42 people together with the inspection team. The ship has boats for inspection and a drone. On the submersible ship, at the request of the customer, you can install weapons: guided missiles, small caliber artillery mounts and torpedoes.

With an advance payment for 3 ships, the gun mounts as a gift. Ammunition is not included in the option.

Can I have two small-caliber gun mounts?

I want such a drone with remote control by radio and satellite :)