Engines for the latest PAK DA strategic bomber tested in Russia

In Russia, bench tests of engines for the bomber of the PAK DA project were carried out.

Prototypes of the latest engine "Izdeliye RF" for a promising long-range aviation complex have passed bench tests. It is planned to equip strategic bombers with engines of this type, which in the future will have to be supplemented by two Tu-95 and Tu-160 bombers already in service with Russia, and in the long term to replace Tu-95 bombers.

Judging by the source, the prototypes of the newest RF Product engine for the promising long-range aviation complex have passed a set of tests that allows them to be adapted taking into account the existing shortcomings and prepare their mass production for the subsequent start of production of new generation aircraft.

The development of the PAK DA strategic bomber continues. At the current stage, the appearance of the Russian aircraft and a number of its characteristics have already been approved, however, the date of the creation of the prototype and the start of testing the aircraft has not yet been announced - according to a number of data, we can talk about 2028-2030.

Previously, it was assumed that the engines would allow the PAK DA bomber to fly at subsonic speeds, but the details of testing new engines are still kept secret.


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