In Russia they tested an electromagnetic gun - the target was shot down from a distance of 10 kilometers

The Russian military tested an electromagnetic gun at a range of 10 kilometers.

As part of the test of the Russian electromagnetic gun, the military managed to successfully hit the target at a distance of 10 kilometers, although two years ago the distance of 3 kilometers was considered the ultimate range, which indicates that Russia has made significant progress in developing new types of weapons.

Field tests of the Russian electromagnetic gun have been carried out since 2015, however, the distance of hitting targets at a distance of 10 kilometers is a significant success for the Russian defense sector, since from this distance you can successfully hit enemy drones, helicopters and missiles, and if the range can be increased to 20 kilometers, then the Russian electromagnetic cannon can become an effective weapon against combat aircraft, especially since it is impossible to identify the positional area of ​​this weapon using standard detection tools.

“The destruction of aircraft at a distance of 10 km is ensured by the burning of electronic components of their on-board equipment”- reports the Russian news agency TASS, citing its own source.

It should be clarified that the timing of adopting the Russian electromagnetic gun into service has not yet been specified, however, the current successes suggest that Russia has come close to this almost.

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actually very easy, because a beam of energy moves at the speed of light. aimed ... pressed a button ... and done!

They said it will be presented in 2015, everything is already overgrown and they forgot everything.

Some nonsense. At such a distance, get into a flying object, and even ensure low divergence of the energy beam. Science fiction as always.

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And again the cartoons and the picture. When will Russia begin to create real weapons? It's funny to look at that. By the way, electromagnetic guns, unlike laser weapons, are almost useless things. Moreover, all military vehicles have protection against electromagnetic pulses. To incapacitate an enemy fighter, you need to connect an entire nuclear power plant to the EMP gun. And what is being developed in Russia can hardly be used even against drones. Well, you can just fight against quadrocopters.

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“In Russia they tested the electromagnetic gun ...” - And in the picture “the Nautilus US-Israeli missile defense system, developed back in the mid-90s,“ proudly roars ”:-)