Russian fighter


In Russia, we began the development of a new light fighter

The development of the Russian light fighter 5-th generation began.

According to the data provided by experts, design work is already underway, and, as expected, the development will be presented to the military before the end of 2015, after which the engineers will begin to create an experimental model that will undergo a series of tests and subsequent modifications.

Unfortunately, domestic aviarazrabotchiki not yet provided any information about the new lightweight fighter, but in all likelihood this is due to several reasons, including the secrecy of the project, and require subsequent modifications which can completely change the current view of the combat aircraft 5- generation.

According to some information, the development of a new fighter will not be quite expensive, since some of the technologies are taken from already well-proven projects, however, in many respects the aircraft will differ from those fighters whose release was already carried out in Russia.