Full-scale deployment of Pantsir-SM complexes began in Russia

The Russian military began to adopt the Pantsir-SM complexes.

The modernized Pantsir-SM complexes began to enter the troops. According to the data available to the editors of the portal, the first Pantsir-SM air defense missile systems enter service with the Central and Western military districts, while we are talking about large-scale deliveries of these air defense systems.

At the moment, it is known that the modernized Pantsir-SM have a number of innovations, in particular, these complexes are anti-jamming and have modern means of detecting enemy aircraft and missiles.

Experts note that thanks to these complexes, it is possible to achieve a high level of airspace protection from any provocative and dangerous actions of the enemy. Complexes "Pantsir-SM" are also integrated with other air defense systems, which in total ensures the efficiency of air defense systems at the level of 95-98%.

It should be noted that the Pantsir complexes have successfully proven themselves in Syria and Libya, demonstrating effective protection against enemy attacks. They also proved to be excellent in the fight against unmanned aerial vehicles, even in conditions of powerful electronic suppression from the enemy.

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