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Production of the MDP-01 Termit helicopter unmanned reconnaissance and strike complex has begun in Russia.

Large-scale production of the unique helicopter unmanned reconnaissance and strike complex MDP-01 Termit has begun. This machine was developed on the basis of the civilian modification SMARTHeli-350 and has impressive characteristics: maximum flight speed of 150 km/h, cruising speed of 90 km/h, service ceiling of 3500 m and operating time of up to 6 hours. The take-off weight of the complex reaches 450 kg.

MDP-01 Termit helicopters are equipped with turret-mounted multispectral long-focus optical-electronic systems, which include IR, TV and low-level TV channels, and are also coupled with laser rangefinders and target designators. This allows for multifunctional reconnaissance and precise targeting of targets.

The main armament of the complex is a controlled version of the 80-mm NURS S-8L with a semi-active laser homing head, providing action at a distance of 6 to 8 km. This missile is an improved version of the Threat project from the Scientific and Technical Center of AMETECH JSC, announced in 1999.

"Termit" is capable of firing from both open and closed positions, using third-party UAVs, ground-based laser rangefinders, target designators, or other modern means to illuminate targets. This makes it a powerful tool in modern military operations, capable of providing high precision and effectiveness of strikes.


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