Torpedo launch


In Russia, the development of a promising unmanned torpedo bomber has begun

The Russian military is busy developing a unique unmanned torpedo bomber.

The Russian Navy in the near future may receive a unique unmanned torpedo bomber, which may turn out to be a highly effective means of destroying surface and underwater targets. The unmanned torpedo bomber will be able to independently carry out patrols in the far sea zone and in the Arctic latitudes, and in the event of a threat, the armament of the Russian torpedo bomber will be enough to destroy enemy forces.

“Now, on an initiative basis, an unmanned boat is being developed, the main purpose of which is to search for and destroy enemy submarines in an autonomous mode. After detecting an enemy boat, the unmanned system will independently identify the target and make a decision to launch a torpedo., - an informed source of the TASS agency reports.

At what stage the development process is and what the unique robot boat will be is not specified, however, such weapons may turn out to be quite promising, especially against the backdrop of how foreign submarines are increasingly approaching Russian borders.

“Several unmanned torpedo bombers can be an extremely effective means of deterring enemy warships and submarines. If necessary, it will be possible to deploy a line of defense within a few hours, and in case of enemy attempts to attack, any surface and underwater targets can be destroyed., - the expert marks.

Given the prospects of this weapon, it is expected that a torpedo bomber drone may appear in the Russian Navy by mid-2025.