Mi-8AMT-VA Helicopter


In Russia will begin to experience a new Arctic helicopter

Russian aircraft designers have completed the development of the Arctic military transport helicopter.

In the near future, active testing of the Mi-8AMT-VA helicopter will begin, however, experts are confident that these aircraft will be able to prove themselves well, since, in essence, helicopters can work even at critically low temperatures, and in fact are multipurpose aircrafts , Which is suitable in turn for both military and civilian purposes.

Earlier Avia.pro aviation resource already noted that Russian engineers intend to develop a special helicopter capable of actively operating under arctic conditions, however, it was assumed that the aircraft would become a new development, rather than a modification. Nevertheless, the first tests carried out showed that the Mi-8AMT-VA helicopter systems are perfectly adapted to work in harsh conditions of the Arctic, and therefore, it is to be expected that after the final tests, the helicopter will be put into serial production.


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