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Russia intends to create a wheeled tank armed with 125 mm. cannon

Russian designers are considering the possibility of creating a wheeled tank armed with a 125 mm. tool.

Representatives of the state corporation "Rostec" announced that the possibility of developing a domestic wheeled tank, which will be armed with 125-mm, is currently being considered. cannon, and also be able to swim. The appearance of a wheeled tank will significantly expand the possibilities of using armored vehicles, not to mention the fact that other countries are extremely interested in such vehicles, which makes it possible to export this equipment.

As we managed to find out, the Sprut-SDM-1 tank will become the base for the light wheeled tank, since this platform turned out to be quite successful, but to date, the final decision has not been made, since the question of which troops will be interested in such combat vehicle.

"What specific wheelbase we will put the module on is an open question, since today in the Russian Federation there are many successful wheeled chassis, and it all depends on the final purpose of the wheeled tank, on which troops it will have to go to"- said the deputy chief designer of the Volgograd Tractor Plant Vladimir Budaev.

Given that the actual base for a light wheeled amphibious tank already exists, the project may take up to 3-4 years to complete.

We need all sorts of tanks, all sorts of tanks are important to us ... yes, at least on an air cushion and with a propeller behind, or even in front - if only T A N K ...

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