In Russia, 174 people died from coronavirus per day - this is the maximum mortality rate since the beginning of the pandemic

In Russia, 174 people died from coronavirus per day.

The operational headquarters of Moscow on the situation with the coronavirus reports that over the past day in Russia there have been 174 deaths among citizens who have previously been identified coronavirus. This is a record mortality since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in the Russian Federation. The incidence of coronavirus COVID-19 is still at a very high level - 8915 new cases.

“Over the last day in Russia, 8915 new cases of coronavirus were detected in 83 regions. Of these, 41,1% did not have clinical manifestations of the disease. 174 deaths were recorded. In a day, 12 331 people recovered completely in Russia. In total, 362 cases of coronavirus in 342 regions have been detected in Russia today. Over the entire period, 85 deaths were recorded, 3807 131 people recovered ”- reports the operational headquarters.

Nevertheless, experts pay attention to the fact that the number of people who recovered from COVID-19 in Russia finally began to outstrip the number of cases, which indicates the long-awaited decline in coronavirus in the country.

Analysts draw attention to the fact that the problem of mortality from coronavirus is very serious, since all citizens of the country infected with COVID-19 are potential victims, since most deaths are caused by coronavirus-associated diseases.

And I know cases when in Moscow they first diagnosed Viral Pneumonia and then wrote in conclusion that they died from a stroke. We have the opposite, underestimated statistics.

Among friends there is no one who would die from a coronavirus. But there are already two who died from other causes, because they did not wait for an ambulance or were denied hospitalization because they did not have a coronavirus. Under a touching pretext: "hospitals where you could be taken are re-profiled under the coronavirus."
Interestingly, only vague doubts begin to torment me that such deaths are very conveniently written down in "death from a coronavirus"?