Rocket launch X-50


In Russia, they worked out strikes with the most secret missile of the Russian Aerospace Forces - X-50

In Russia, the final tests of the secret missile of the Russian Aerospace Forces, the X-50, were carried out.

The development of Russian aircraft missiles of the "X" series allowed the domestic developer to create a unique cruise missile, significantly superior in its class to Soviet missile designs of the same series. Information about the creation of the X-50 rocket periodically appeared in the media, however, information about this rocket was never disclosed, due to its extreme secrecy.

At the moment it is known that we are talking about a completely new version of the rocket series "X". It has a long range, and is "invisible" for air defense systems, and, quite obviously, even the Russian S-400 complex, taking into account the possibility of flight at an altitude of several tens and even just meters above ground level, will be able to detect its approach only at a distance of several kilometers.

No specific information about the characteristics of this Russian cruise missile is given, however, it is known that Russian aircraft have already carried out a series of tests of the missile, striking it - by the end of this year, tests of this missile should be completed, and next year the missile should begin to enter service with the Russian Aerospace Forces, i.e., its main tests should have already been completed.