In Russia, the worst-case scenario for the spread of coronavirus has been confirmed

Isolation of citizens was the worst effect in the fight against coronavirus in Russia.

According to information provided by the Russian newspaper, contrary to the isolation measures introduced for citizens of the country, residents of the same capital began to become infected right inside the city. The situation is one of the worst-case scenarios, since this means that in the coming days the number of cases will only continue to grow, and at the fastest pace.

“Currently, most residents of Moscow become infected with the coronavirus inside the city. The deputy mayor of the capital, Anastasia Rakova, said this in an interview with the Russia-24 television channel. According to her, now mainly new patients with infection are those who did not travel outside of Russia ”- сообщает newspaper "".

According to experts and analysts, only the introduction of strict quarantine on the streets of Russian cities will help to solve the problem, however, such a measure could negatively affect society as a whole.

“When infection is carried out inside a large metropolis, it is practically uncontrollable. The patient does not need to have direct contact with a healthy person, since the virus can also be transmitted through objects. Obviously, this is exactly what residents of the capital are faced with now. ”, - the expert marks.

It should be clarified that over the last day the number of people infected with coronavirus in Russia has increased by almost a thousand people, although mortality from coronavirus in the country remains at a very low level.

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A significant part of the capital’s residents are to blame twice, namely, for the first time when they rushed in large numbers to cheap tourist offers to countries that are quarantine-dangerous, despite common sense and numerous warnings followed by tantrums, and “when we are all taken out”. The result is infections from 73 countries, almost all lovers of their Moscow freebies. Second time-sabotage quarantine. When analyzing the implementation of quarantine on Yandex in the regions, the indicator is consistently higher than 4 points with 5 possible, then in Moscow it does not even come close to 4. The result is out of the total number of cases in the country that are more than 2/3 Muscovites.

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What does mortality remain low?
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