In Russia, they can’t build a Su-57 for six months - the problem is named

In Russia, not a single Su-57 fighter was built in six months.

Six months have passed since the crash involving the only constructed Su-57 serial fighter, however, during this period, domestic aircraft manufacturers have not created a single flight model, which raises a lot of questions regarding whether the contract for the supply of 76 Su-57 fighters will be implemented to the troops until 2028, not to mention the fact that if they appear after ordering from foreign partners, the latter will receive the Su-57 only by the middle of the next decade.

The fifth-generation domestic fighter made its first flight more than 10 years ago, however, due to various problems, this combat aircraft was never accepted for combat duty.

Experts note that the main problem of the Russian Su-57 is insufficient funding for the project in the initial stages, which led to various kinds of flaws that had to be corrected after the project itself was implemented

“So far, the Russian Aerospace Forces have not received a single fifth-generation combat aircraft. Given the plans for the supply of Su-57 to the troops until 2028, it can be easily calculated that Russian aircraft manufacturers will have to produce 11-12 Su-57 fighters per year, however, so far no aircraft have been created in six months ”- the specialist draws attention.

Earlier, Director General of Rostec State Corporation Sergey Chemezov announced that it was in 2020 that large-scale deliveries of Su-57 fighters to the troops would begin, however, given the current situation, this year the Russian Air Force can acquire only one Su-57 fighter.

Do you even understand what Che said? Type of artificial intelligence? Already little by little from Su 57 UAVs are trying to blind. It turns out not very. Because it is very difficult and expensive ......

As for the supposedly “purely Russian 6th generation systems”, the T-60 “Dove” project is the 1984 project of the Sukhoi Design Bureau and there they managed to “calculate” its size and nothing more. Now Avionika has changed a lot and engines that contain 36 parts each .... Everything has changed. The 000 project is no good. Throw avionics, throw dvigly. In fact, a new car to do from scratch. And Sukhoi has no time to even drink “coffee” for “glands”. And more than 1984% of the projects of "airplanes" go to the "trash" because it is very expensive to pull it all.

About 10 years ago I saw the "collapse" of industry and the degradation of the "engineering corps" of all Russian design bureaus. Well, here is the evidence .....
That flies in the "overload" and can not stand either dvigla or control system of this Su 57 .....
In short ..... anyway. Once again, we list the problems
1. Avionics.
2. Engines.
3. Weak stealth
4. Su 57 control systems (electronics and hydraulics)
5. Pure 5th generation engines
(Product type 30) bench tests have already passed and began testing on the "prototype" Su 57.
Why "prototype?" That is why shta before the "series" to him as before Beijing "cancer"

Laughter and tears. Degradation on all "fronts" Putin's economy.
Soon we can’t make the stools ourselves .....

There are no four SU-57s, only T-50s. As well as in Syria. Only one SU-57 flies.

And the four su-57s flying over Red Square on May 9, 2020, were they cartoons?

Yes, he does not want to understand. His task is to steadily steal everything, disguising himself as an objective observer ...

I wonder what then flies in Syria if not the 57th

Comments are very superficial. The author does not understand the problems, especially high-tech

As long as there is not enough money in the treasury, there can be no talk of any planes. And the state will have the money when it changes its economic policy — natural resources of strategic importance, comprising up to 70% of GDP, should belong to the state.

Soon the time for updating will come, but before that there will be a conflict of 3 world. I think after him people’s eyes will open that enough will be littered in his circle that more dangerous problems await us in the future there will be the best airplanes wait

Now everything has become clear to everyone.

ish what thieves and traitors gave a lot of money for development, but not for release - ish what cunning thieves

So the engine, the glider is excellent, plus something new is needed in the suppression and protection systems. And so the plane turned out just fire.


The problem is in our thieves' power. As long as this power is at the helm, everything will be only in words

I agree with Valery Polyakov. A condition for the fulfillment of these tasks is the development and use of neurocybernetic management systems for organizational open systems using system analysis methods and innovative technological systems. The road will be overpowered by a walker. With friendly greetings to all colleagues.

We have one systemic error - thieves and traitors in power. Wait until our main geopolitical adversary writes off planes, which we still are not naive. But do not we produce “Armata” for the same reason?

So what's the problem?

This is from the series "The American dollar will collapse, that's how the world currency"

Valery. Russia wants to fully explore the American experience and not repeat the mistakes of others. The delay in this. The entire F-22 is due for decommissioning in the coming years due to incorrigible structural (system) errors. It is waiting for the F-35 in the very near future.

Do not worry, sometimes it is treated.

The aviation department in Rostec near Chemezov is headed by former Minister of Defense Serdyukov (in the USSR army he rose to the rank of corporal-driver), who understands neither the ear nor the snout in this matter. And the UAC is headed by the former producer of music videos Slyusar. Under the wise leadership of such leaders, our aviation will constantly degrade.

Bravo .. I didn’t take anything, but it's great ..

You yourself understood what you wrote?

Then in Russia they will create the SU-57 and in general, something worthwhile and real, when illiteracy disappears in the theory of "Real Systems", which considers the evolution of combinations of living intelligent open systems, with biological, environmental, technical and natural open systems, and the research will correspond to the methods "System analysis of open systems in a nonequilibrium state and the physics of irreversible processes without hypotheses with systemically generalized W&V factors based on the NEDISS database"