Beating in Chechnya


In Russia, police began to beat people who went outside without a mask. Video

In Chechnya, they began to beat those who were without a mask.

According to the Rosbalt news agency, the police beat a citizen in Argun for being on the street without a protective medical mask. As it turned out, in addition to the fact that the citizen was beaten for no reason, he himself, his relatives and random witnesses who published the video were forced to publicly apologize, and the head of the Chechen Republic even approved the police’s action, stating that he ready to encourage it.

“The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, approved the actions of a policeman who beat a man for violating the isolation regime. The Grozny TV channel posted on Instagram a video fragment from a meeting chaired by Kadyrov, where he commented on a case in Argun where police officers beat a man who went outside without a mask. The day before, the channel showed how a battered man, his brother and the people who made the video brought a public apology. Kadyrov said that at first he was dissatisfied with the incident, but then users from Dagestan began to criticize the actions of the police in the comments, and the head of the Chechen Republic changed his mind. He stated that he would “even encourage” the law enforcement officer, since he “did not violate anything”. “I'd rather hit one than bury thousands of people. Therefore, I take tough measures. Whom I need, I will beat with batons. I’ll put them in jail, in the basement, but I’ll protect my people, ”Kadyrov quotes the“ Caucasian Knot ””- сообщает Rosbalt edition.

It should be clarified that such actions aroused sharp criticism, since such actions on the part of law enforcement officials are completely unacceptable, even if the man really violated the regime of self-isolation, not to mention the attempt to justify the illegal actions of the police.