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In Russia put an end to a unique hypersonic project

A Russian plane with hypersonic weapons ordered a long life.

According to information provided by the Russian military publication Military Review, the government procurement website initiated the breaking of a multimillion-dollar agreement to convert an IL-76MD aircraft into an aircraft with hypersonic weapons, which Avia.pro talked about a few days ago.

Initially, it was a flying laboratory designed to test hypersonic weapons, however, experts did not rule out that it could also be a full-fledged aircraft that would be armed with a large number of hypersonic missiles.

“The contract worth over 121 million rubles for the re-equipment of the IL transporter IL-76MD into a flying hypersonic laboratory was terminated. On the public procurement website, his status has been changed. At the moment, it is designated as “execution terminated - termination”. The contract was concluded at the end of April 2016 between the Flight Research Institute (LII). Gromov and the Ilyushin company, which was identified as the sole supplier. Details of the project are not given in public documents ”- reports the publication "Military Review".

In this connection, the project was canceled - is unknown.

"Dagger" (hypersonic missile) stands on 31 Mig

You didn’t carefully read the article. It says: “A Russian plane with hypersonic weapons.” Not a supersonic plane, but a weapon. Which pilots will it spread around the cockpit? Do you think that the pilots in it control a supersonic missile? Well, you give?

Overload is where there is acceleration, that is, any change in the velocity vector. A straightforward hypersonic flight is no different from a subway ride. The ISS in orbit moves at a speed of more than 7km / s, which is many times more than the hyped hypersound and does not smear anyone there.

And how much was the ringing? And from the lips of the chief official. And the cartoons are beautiful and colorful.

What can I think))) A person, unlike a rocket or an airplane, is unlikely to survive the hypersound, it will spread the cab overload in spite of the anti-loading suit ...

Why is it unknown? This is the dream of the Pindos and their lackeys. DO NOT WAIT for this you need to grow another Raykin laying.



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