In Russia extended the non-working period for a whole month

Non-working hours extended in Russia for a whole month.

Contrary to the authorities' attempts to curb the spread of the coronavirus epidemic in Russia, it became known that a decision had been made to extend non-working days for Russian citizens for a whole month. According to the Russian leader, such a decision is associated with a great threat of coronavirus.

“President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin during a televised address announced the extension of the day-off regime until April 30, inclusive, with the preservation of wages. The decree has already been signed and published on the president’s website. “I’ll add that, as before, authorities, enterprises with continuous production, medical institutions and pharmacies, convenience stores, all life support services will work,” he said. Putin stressed that, if necessary, additional decisions will be made to combat coronavirus. The non-working period may be adjusted downward. The President of the Russian Federation noted that the threat of coronavirus remains, "as virologists believe, the peak of the epidemic in the world has not yet been passed, including in our country." So far, it has been possible to secure representatives of the older generation and children. However, the situation in Moscow cannot yet be reversed. ”- сообщает Interfax.

It should be clarified that the situation with the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus is very complicated, in particular, it has increased by 770 people over the past 30 hours, while mortality has reached XNUMX people.

The decision to impose quarantine on the territory of Russia has not been officially made, however, taking into account that it has not been possible to reduce the incidence rate since the introduction of general isolation, experts believe that such measures are also being actively considered.

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