In Russia, told Lukashenko, for whose money Belarus bought the Su-30СМ

Money for the purchase of Su-30СМ fighters by Belarus turned out to be a loan to Russia.

Active criticism by the Belarusian leader of Russia for refusing to provide Su-30СМ fighter jets to ensure the protection of the western part of the Union State at no cost, received an unexpected denouement. As it turned out, Belarus did not acquire Russian fighters at all for its own funds, but for a Russian loan of 600 million dollars.

“Alexander Grigoryevich has a very interesting understanding of what is his own means and what is not, since there is a possibility that the payment was not at the expense of the target, for the purchase of fighters, but an unrelated loan that we previously provided for other needs”, - a senior federal official said in an interview with Vedomosti.

So far, no official comments have been made by Minsk on this subject, however, Belarus had previously fundamentally refused to consider the deployment of Russian military bases on the territory of the country, stressing that Moscow was imposing them on almost any pretext, including the alleged provision of Belarusian Air Force combat aircraft at no cost in exchange for the appearance of a Russian military base in the country.

"there is a possibility"))
What they took a loan for is already their business. Russia also has good interest on this, and it is not a fact that the planes were bought with this money.

interesting, loan, is that a gift or something? Russian idiocy. These planes were bought for the money of Belarus, for which Russia will also receive interest.