In Russia, they talked about missiles in Venezuela against the United States

The State Duma announced the deployment of Russian missiles in Venezuela.

First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Defense Alexander Sherin made a statement in which he stressed that in response to the US side’s testing of missiles previously banned by the INF Treaty, Russia intends to deploy its own missiles in Venezuela.

“Unfortunately, the US understands only brute and dull power. Placing our systems in Venezuela, for example, (possibly) as an option, it can be called the Caribbean Crisis - 2, but it was the Caribbean Crisis that cooled the fervor of the United States of America for a long time. ”- quotes Sherin "RIA Novosti".

Given the words of Alexander Sherin, experts do not exclude that at the moment Russia is really considering the possibility of deploying its missiles in Venezuela.

“Flight time and other aspects are incommensurable in capabilities. The capabilities of the Russian Federation will be ten times higher than the capabilities of the entire NATO bloc combined. ”- noted Sherin.

In fact, this means that the US withdrawal from the INF Treaty will not affect the interests of other NATO countries, but at the same time will create problems for Washington.

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