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In Russia, they talked about the destruction of American aircraft carriers with just one blow

Russia can destroy all American aircraft carriers at once with just one missile strike.

Deputy President of the Russian Academy of Missile and Artillery Sciences, Konstantin Sivkov, in an interview with Military Industrial Courier, proposed the option of destroying all American aircraft carriers at once, making it just one missile strike.

“The specialist notes that at the shipyard in Newport News there are three slipways capable of receiving such ships, and, according to the current plan, two such platforms are used for repairs, while one is used for construction. Sivkov draws attention to the fact that in the event of a military conflict, “cruise missiles in conventional equipment may be hit by a single shipyard” ”- notes the information resource "", referring to the words of Sivkov.

How justified would be such a step, experts do not undertake to comment, but we are not talking about the complete destruction of aircraft carriers.

“A military conflict of this magnitude is characterized by transience. The destruction of the shipyard allows us to say that in the future the United States will not have new aircraft carriers, and damaged ones will not be able to receive qualified repairs. Nevertheless, if the conflict is real, then it is logical to assume that it will end in just a few weeks or even months by the defeat of one of the parties ”, - the analyst notes.

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