Stealth bomber


MiG unmanned bomber being developed in Russia

"Moment" will create a heavy drone drone

By the end of 2019, the Ministry of Defense is planning to approve the tactical and technical requirements for the Scat heavy drone drone.

Director General of the MiG Corporation Ilya Tarasenko told RIA Novosti:

“We see the market for this device, its niche in Russia is not closed. We expect this year to complete the approval of the TTZ on the "Skat" with the customer and proceed to the development work. "

For the first time, a model of an unobtrusive drone, made according to the “flying wing” scheme, was presented by the corporation at the MAKS-2007 air show. According to the developers, the drone has a take-off weight of up to 10 tons. He is able to strike at previously explored stationary targets. This, above all, anti-aircraft systems. At the same time, the unit is capable of performing combat missions with strong opposition from the enemy’s air defenses. Skat can also hit mobile and sea targets. Its combat load reaches two tons, speed - 800 kilometers per hour, range - 4000 kilometers.

The Ministry of Defense held a tender for the creation of a heavy assault unmanned aerial vehicle for the Russian Aerospace Force. According to its results, preference was given to the C-70 “Hunter” project of the Sukhoi Design Bureau. The drone, developed by the MiG corporation, will be like an addition to the “Hunter”. It is envisaged that he will be able to work in tandem with the MiG-35 fighter.

The Scat drone has some similarities with the unobtrusive American F-117 Nighthawk attack aircraft. During the NATO operation against Yugoslavia in 1999, this attack aircraft was shot down by the Soviet C-125 anti-aircraft complex and thoroughly studied.