Fighter Yak-141


A radically new fighter is being developed in Russia

In Russia, the development of a unique fighter began.

Specialists of the Siberian Research Institute of Aviation and Saturn, announced the start of the development of the latest power unit for the modern Russian fighter short take-off and landing. Presumably, we are talking about a unique modification of the Russian Su-57, which will be able to take off and land in confined spaces.

“The accumulated scientific and technical backlog (NTZ), the relevance of the topic, the problems of increasing weight returns require an integrated approach to creating a KVVP fighter (short take-off and vertical landing - approx. Ed.). At UEC-Saturn PJSC (Rybinsk) in SibNIA (Novosibirsk), research work is underway on the initiative to improve the KVVP aircraft ”, - reports "Military-Industrial Courier».

It is known that the Soviet aircraft Yak-141 was taken as the basis, from which, by the way, the American F-35 was probably copied.

Specialists call the development quite unique, as this will open up fundamentally new opportunities for Russian military aviation, providing, for example, the ability to efficiently operate the latest aircraft on aircraft carriers.

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