In Russia, are developing a new agricultural aircraft

the development of a unique agricultural aircraft are conducted in Russian.

According to some reports, developed by Russian designers agricultural aircraft will have to be a full replacement for the obsolete and worn-out planes An-2. This development really has a very great potential, but independent experts say the fact that the prospect of further production of these aircraft will depend primarily on the value and technical capabilities of the aircraft, on what, at the moment, virtually no information is present.

According to preliminary data, the new aircraft can be represented by the 2020 year.

Everything is already invented. We are not the United States and Canada. We necessity is erratic in small aircraft. It should be on the wing to put existing machines, to reduce their cost. An2, Yaki ... Old horse furrow not spoil, especially when he modernischirovan and re-manufactured.

I would suggest: that the An-2 working in rural areas in tandem with the airship (helicopter) and flew through the high-voltage line as a cargo - passenger transport.

The aircraft must be multi-purpose, not agricultural, then the demand will be and the corresponding price. I think so.

For agriculture, we need to develop a drone.

No need to reinvent the wheel! Already have an AN-2! And cheap and good!

The interesting thing is that the AH-2 quite a great resource. And he, in particular engines, is still far from developed. True aviation gasoline for it, we do not.