Russia has developed a kamikaze boat carrying 350 kilograms of explosives


Russia has developed a kamikaze boat carrying 350 kilograms of explosives

The Russian military announced the creation of a new unmanned kamikaze boat, Murena-300s, which is capable of carrying up to 350 kilograms of explosives. This innovative boat is equipped with satellite terminals and an inertial navigation system, which significantly increases its combat capabilities and accuracy in hitting targets.

The development of the kamikaze boat was a response to the need to create effective and high-precision weapons capable of operating over long distances. Murena-300s has a range of up to 250 kilometers, which allows it to reach remote targets without crew participation, minimizing risks to personnel.

The boat has already passed tests, during which its navigation systems and capabilities for delivering explosives to the target were tested. According to the developers, Murena-300s has shown high efficiency and reliability, which makes it a promising weapon for conducting various combat operations on water.

Equipping the boat with satellite terminals allows it to be controlled over long distances, providing precise targeting and minimizing the likelihood of detection by the enemy. The inertial navigation system provides high accuracy of movement even in the absence of a satellite signal, which is especially important for performing missions in difficult conditions.

Experts note that the appearance of such a kamikaze boat could significantly change the tactics of warfare at sea. "Murena-300s" is capable of attacking both sea and coastal targets, causing significant damage to the enemy. The use of uncrewed boats also reduces risks for military personnel and allows for more complex and dangerous operations.


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