SAM Sosna
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Photo: Militarist


Russia has developed a deadly "killer" of Turkish drones Bayraktar TB2 b and kamikaze drones

The latest Russian air defense system was presented at the Army-2021 forum.

As part of the Army-2021 forum, Russian developers presented the advanced domestic short-range air defense system Sosna. The new complex is already being positioned as a killer of kamikaze drones and Turkish attack drones Bayraktar TB2.

In the photographs presented, you can see the Sosna air defense system itself. Despite the fact that the complex is capable of hitting targets at short distances, the presence of 12 anti-aircraft guided missiles in its arsenal makes it possible to deal with a large number of targets. At the same time, with the maximum range of destruction of air targets up to 10 kilometers, the Sosna air defense system can easily deal with the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 attack drones, which are capable of striking from a distance of 7 kilometers.

Experts note that with its fairly broad capabilities, the Sosna air defense system has a low cost and may well turn out to be an interesting means of air defense for a number of countries.

Given the fact that the latest Russian military developments are being tested in Syria, there is an assumption that the Sosna air defense system was also tested in the Arab Republic.

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